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The First Big Canvas Done!

Well, I'm sure glad that my painting looks better than my haircut or choice of attire! I began this piece the end of October when I was challenged to "go big" by a friend of mine. The thought intimidated me so much that other than the blocking in of the main colours, I didn't start to get into details until January of this year. I must say, the challenge was worth the end result.

I really struggled with proper perspective and shading on this big scale. Also, my insane drive to get in every little nuance darn near made me throw up my hands in defeat. But with every lily pad I detailed, the next one became a little easier. I saved the actual lily for last. The big challenge was that my reference photo was blurry, and two other reference photos were not facing the sunlight in the same direction. I "bit the bullet" so to speak, and went rogue! I think it turned out not bad.....(phew and thank goodness 😅

I've received many wonderful comments on facebook after posting this. Shout out to the Algonquin Park Facebook group who never cease to encourage me both in my photography as well as my painting.

Next project.........a commissioned painting of a B.C. landmark for a dear friend of mine. Stay tuned friends!

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2 commentaires

Brian Henry
21 sept. 2020

bored with this covid I thought I would check in on some of my fellow artists from MIP. Glad to see you've been busy. Your water is always incredible. Nice work. I expect to see this one at the next gala whenever that will be.


18 mars 2020

Love it, Sylvia! It's really fabulous!

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