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Stretching is supposed to be good for you.

I think my body takes issue with this suggestion, although I have not given it much of a chance. However, I think it is high time to start so I'm starting with the biggest muscle I have - my brain! This COVID pandemic has made me very sluggish and despondent. This past summer was mostly spent being creative in some hobbies that I have set aside for far too long: sewing, gardening, photography and camping.

Creative juices flowed naturally as I drank in all the sights and sounds of several provincial parks. I became especially excited when we acquired pack canoes so I could take in amazing views from the water.

I almost dumped both myself and my camera gear a few times, but I now have an abundance of reference photos that would keep me painting full time well into next year if I chose to. Now that summer is gone and the canoes and camper are tucked in for a winter's sleep, I resign myself to the unavoidable constraints of winter weather intensified by the ever-tightening pandemic's isolation restrictions.

I believe one thing we must all do during these unprecedented times is to never lose our innate desire to create (I'm mostly talking to myself but also to you, my friends). To be creative is to be human (yes - monkeys make tools but that is another subject best covered by Jane Goodall). Whether one is fixing a busted kitchen appliance, finding solutions to technical problems, knitting up a storm or having an encouraging conversation - it's all creative. Using our collective individual creative talents (yes you have some!) will be both an individual and collective balm of healing and peace - also doubling as a great way to engage with others be it online or via social distancing.

All this profuse pondering about my own state of mind and circumstances, I am taking some classes at DVSA to stretch myself in unknown territory. HOPEFULLY I will learn some abstract techniques that may or may not compliment a realism style of painting (probably not but I'll give it a shot and see where I land in the future...wish me luck!).

I will be posting my abstract learning studies in the abstract tab as well as on my blog. Feel free to engage with me on anything I post. Some of it may not be pretty lol but it's a're welcome to join me!

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