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"Pretty In Pink" Accepted in AWP 32nd Exhibition

I had been procrastinating on entering another painting into the Spring Art In The Workplace juried exhibit. I am thrilled to say that I have had paintings accepted in the 29th, 30, and 31st exhibits so far. What was holding me back? Well, since the fall of 2019 I have been doing a landscape series on the Oxtongue River based on photos I shot during a stay in Algonquin Park last September. I was hoping to complete a series of 6 so that I could perhaps show them to a prospective gallery or in a local show. Having one of them hanging in the AWP gallery would not only break up the set but hold back any sales until the exhibit was over (summer 2020). All I had in stock that was worthy of entering was a floral painting - a departure from the landscapes that had been accepted before.

A couple of days before the deadline in January, I decided to take a chance that perhaps the "Pretty In Pink" acrylic on canvas would be good enough to enter. To be honest, I didn't think it was going to cut it - and therefore forgot about it almost immediately after sending in the application. One day two weeks ago, I was sitting in class during break surfing (or do they call it trolling) FB, when I read that one of my photographer acquaintances had her work accepted in the 32nd exhibit. I thought to myself.......oh ya - I entered in that exhibit. Hmmm.... maybe I should check my email before class resumes.....

There it was! the acceptance email together with drop-off instructions! Yay! I was so excited I promptly turned to my classmates (who I don't know from Adam) and proudly proclaimed my latest accomplishment (whether they cared or not), and gave out a few business cards.

So now the empty space on my livingroom wall will be filled with the previous painting from the 31st exhibit and "Pretty In Pink" will be available for viewing at McMaster Innovation Park in April. Come check it out at the Opening Gala Event from 7-9pm, Thursday, April 2nd: Fancy hors d'oeuvres, great live music, cash bar and wonderful artwork.

I'd love to see you there!

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