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How did Monet do it??

I must have been nuts to think that I could do a 30x40 painting in the same photorealistic manner as my 11x14 paintings and actually be done in a couple weeks. I've now officially worked on this painting for 2 months fairly consistently. Although I sense I can see the end somewhere within the next week or two, I wonder if my feet and back can take the standing and sitting (on a bad secretary chair) for much longer....let the pity party begin - or not.

If you can see, I still have some shading and outlining to do on some of these lily pads today. It looks a lot rougher around the edges than it really is - I'm trusting my iphone camera more than I should I guess.

I taped off 2/3 of the canvas so I can focus. I seem to get overwhelmed with "what is yet to be done" rather than celebrating "what is already done."

Well, Monsieur Monet - I wonder what advice you would give me here.....all things considered I know your famous water lily painting took several months so I don't feel so bad with my progress so far. Wish me luck!

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