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Atempted a real abstract with no form - failed😳

I tried. I really did. Starting with a bunch of colours I liked eg. purple, fuchia, turquoise and yellow, I began slapping them on with a pallet knife (my first mistake as I can't figure out how to get more paint on my canvas than myself with these things). Then when that wasn't working, I took some fat brushes and added some greens, and spiraly leafy thingys, and sharp bluey streaks, and bright reds in the middle. That really didn't work so I covered most of the green at least. I tried to do a colour scheme called a tetrad which uses a combination of 4 colours that are 2 sets of complements. Impressed yet?

I wasn't. Couldn't stop creating other shades and messes.

Then...a thought finally materialized (a 1/2 quart of various paints and 2 hours later) which I went with and well, sure looked better in my head than on canvas but I'm learning to loosen up (ya right) and experiment without photo references all the time which is my comfort zone.

I call it "Climate Change" in relation to the recent Australian bushfires. So very tragic. This painting reflects my crushed heart for all the lives lost and destroyed ecosystems.

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